Looking For a Cleaner and Safer Smoking Alternative? Consider Nicocig™ Electronic Cigarettes

Calling all cigarette smokers…Welcome to the revolution that is Nicocig. For those of you who have yet to discover us or our products, we are the providers of the leading variety of electronic cigarettes within the UK. Here at Nicocig, we have steadily grown in size and stature, gaining an amazing reputation as a valued provider of e cigs and accessories to a vast audience of transformed smokers.

For several years now, this innovative product has offered a truly fantastic alternative to smoking tobacco by delivering nicotine in a purified atomised vapour format, delivering the same sensation and relief offered by cigarette smoke, just without the distasteful tar, carcinogens and dangerous, lethal combination of chemicals produced by burning tobacco.

Introducing this completely revolutionary and widely successful alternative to smoking, Nicocig e cigs offer clean, safe and fast relief, a choice of strengths and flavours and ultimately guarantee hefty savings against your current brand of tobacco or filter cigarette. Want to know more?

Just one Nicocig e cig can transform your life and how you approach smoking. Discovering that there is a safer, cheaper and socially acceptable way to relax and enjoy that ‘hit’ of nicotine, without the health worries or having to face smoking outdoors; Nicocig is the perfect solution for you that is easily customisable to meet your demands.

Nicocig Electric Cigarettes are a Truly Innovative Alternative

With so many benefits to experience with Electric Cigarettes today, isn’t it time you changed over? Taking a step back from your life at the moment and looking at yourself for a minute or two, you’ll notice that in order to enjoy a cigarette, you will normally have to brave the outdoor weather, interrupt your daily activities, wait to finish your commute to or from work or wait patiently to be excused to rush out for your nicotine fix.

Many smokers feel governed by society around them as to when and where they can smoke and restrictions are well in force in every structure apart from the sanctity of their personal vehicles and homes.

The answer lies in the latest Nicocig electric cigarettes that are now more popular amongst smokers than ever before. Vaporising a purified form of nicotine through an efficient atomiser cartridge, which in turn is powered by the battery concealed within the body of the device, the e cigarette releases no chemicals, toxins or acrid smoke and only deliver a clean mist that offers the same sensation as tobacco smoke. All you exhale is a fraction of the vapour created, before it dissipates into the air around you leaving absolutely no trace.

Attention E-Cig Smokers!

Nicocig, the one and only name in e cigs that you will only ever need to discover. Satisfying the cravings of a diverse array of smokers cross the UK, Nicocig cigarettes are the leading e cig brand distributed throughout the United Kingdom in a wide number of retail chains and supermarkets.

Following huge popularity, more individuals are now benefiting from the cleaner, safer and healthier smoking choice, maintaining their love of cigarettes without the worry of the dangers of carcinogens being inhaled into the lungs or staining of the teeth, fingers and clothes. One of the most appealing aspects of our Nicocig is that no smoke is created, hence no anti-social smoke or foul aromas, making them acceptable within public places and in areas where the current smoking ban is strongly in effect.

Since the first inception of the electronic cigarette back in 2003 by Chinese inventor Hon Lik, the e-cig has undergone many positive changes, both technically and aesthetically, resulting in the style and resemblance to their tobacco derived counterparts, the filter cigarette. Concealing a battery source, refill cartridge and atomiser all within the body of the cigarette itself, discover the true potential behind this amazing nicotine delivery system today.

Benefit from the Nicocig E Cigarette

Why it makes sense to switch to an E Cigarette today! Millions of smokers in the UK have faced much controversy and alienation to feed their habit, especially in the last couple of decades. Now with an outright ban covering smoking in enclosed public places, offices and work areas, recreational areas and public transport already in force for over half a decade, it seems that as a nation we may see a complete ban on tobacco in the near future.

What is the answer? Well the good news is that since 2003, the E Cigarette has undergone vast improvements in both technical merit and aesthetics, making it the effective and efficient alternative to tobacco. Featuring a range of strengths and available in regular tobacco and menthol flavours, the Nicocig E Cigarette is a revolutionary item that is helping to transform the lives of thousands of smokers.

They are discovering the array of health, financial and social benefits to switching to the best suited e cig for them, saving money, their health and no longer posing a threat to others through passive smoking. Operating by atomising a liquid mixture containing nicotine and flavourings into an odourless vapour, the e cig replicates the same nicotine delivery system as a regular cigarette, without the harmful chemicals, dangerous toxins and thick tar released by tobacco.

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